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Our picksPreparing for War with China | Cost of Undoing the Travel Ban | Terrifying Climate Warning, and more Published 5 February 2021 ·  Bipartisan Support Emerges for Domestic-Terror Bills as Experts Warn Threat May Last ‘10 To 20 Years’ ·  ‘It Let White Supremacists Organize’: The Toxic Legacy of Facebook’s Groups ·  Frustration Is Spreading Faster

PandemicThe Evolution of COVID-19 Dark Web Marketplaces Before the Vaccine Published 4 February 2021 In new research, data scientits highlight the importance of the continuous monitoring of dark web marketplaces (DWMs), especially in light of the current shortage and availability of COVID-19 vaccines. New research carried out by City University of Londondata scientist, Dr. Andrea Baronchelli, and

2/4/21 Cybersecurity Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments North Korean hackers have staged an audacious attack targeting cybersecurity researchers, many of whom work to counter hackers from places like North Korea, Russia, China and Iran. The attack involved sophisticated efforts to deceive specific people, which raises the level of social engineering, or phishing attacks, and

Cybersecurity educationCybersecurity Becomes Increasingly Important: USC Students Train to Secure Networks, Data Published 4 February 2021 With over half a million cybersecurity job openings in the industry and with increased reliance on insecure networks and infrastructures, experts say that now more than ever, students pursuing cybersecurity degrees are essential to keeping data secure. USC’s Intelligence

TsunamisTsunamis and Tsunami Warning: Recent Progress and Future Prospects Published 4 February 2021 Tsunamis are one of the most destructive disasters in the ocean. Large tsunamis are mostly generated by earthquakes, and they can propagate across the ocean without significantly losing energy. During the shoaling process in coastal areas, the wave amplitude increases dramatically, causing

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