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Law enforcementBanning Chokeholds Published 18 November 2020 George Floyd’s murder was egregious but not unique. Many police agencies hold the position that they don’t train officers to use chokeholds, but they are continuously used by officers to regain compliance. Abrief just released by the Center for Justice Research (CJR) at Texas Southern University offers comprehensive

Our picksThe Coming Spike in European Terror | Militant Islam’s “Perfect” Enemy | Beijing Never Got the Memo, and more Published 17 November 2020 ·  Post-Election, Extremists Use Fringe Social Networks to Push Fraud Claims, Violence ·  Telegram Is Leaving a Terrorist Bomb-Making Channel Online ·  Facebook Is Using AI to Stem Dangerous and False Posts ·  The

ExtremismFBI Releases 2019 Hate Crime Statistics Published 16 November 2020 The FBI has today (Monday) released Hate Crime Statistics, 2019, show that, in 2019, there were 7,314 criminal incidents and 8,559 related offenses as being motivated by bias toward race, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender, and gender identity. The FBI has today (Monday) released Hate

Domestic terrorismMichigan Terrorists Planned to Kill All State Legislators, Blow Up Capitol Building Published 16 November 2020 The Michigan terrorists who plotted to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer and attack the Michigan State legislature building, planned for no one to emerge alive from the building, according to the Michigan Attorney General’s Office.The plotters planned to carry