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Our picksBrexit & Terrorism | Biden’s Looming War on White Supremacy |Universities & Extremism, and more Published 19 January 2021 ·  Capitol Rioter May Have Stolen Pelosi’s Laptop and Tried to Sell It to Russia, Says FBI ·  Parler Partially Reappears with Support from Russian Technology Firm ·  Britain’s Youngest Terrorist Who Was Jailed for Plotting to

CybersecurityHackers “Manipulated” Stolen COVID Vaccine Papers, Says EU Agency Published 16 January 2021 Documents and emails about the BioNTech-Pfizer and Moderna jabs were taken in a cyberattack late last year. The EU’s drug regulator thinks hackers are trying to damage public trust in the COVID vaccines. Hackers have leaked stolen coronavirus vaccine documents online and altered them

Our picksBoogaloo Bois Prepare for Civil War | Cyber ‘Deterrence’: A Brexit Analogy | Active Duty Extrmists, and more Published 16 January 2021 ·  The Boogaloo Bois Prepare for Civil War ·  Dozens of People on FBI Terrorist Watch List Came to D.C. the Day of Capitol Riot ·  MS-13’s Highest Ranking Leaders Charged with Terrorism Offenses