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CYBERSECURITYInsights into Blockchain Vulnerabilities Published 24 June 2022 Distributed ledger technology, such as blockchains, has become more prevalent across a variety of contexts over the past decade. The premise is that blockchains operate securely without any centralized control and that they are immutable or unsusceptible to change. New report details how centralization can be introduced,

BUILDING COLLAPSENIST Champlain Towers South Investigation Published 24 June 2022 The NIST investigation into the June 2021 collapse of Surfside, Florida, condo building , is preparing to begin invasive testing and preparation of physical evidence collected from the collapse site. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Construction Safety Team (NCST) investigating the June 24, 2021,

OUR PICKSCompensation for Havana Syndrome Victims | Deadly Heat Wave’s Lesson | Telephone Pole Camera Surveillance, and more Published 24 June 2022 ·  Deadly Heat Wave’s Lesson: ‘This Is the Future We All Face’ ·  Biden Administration Plans Six-Figure Compensation for Havana Syndrome Victims ·  US Senate Approves Bipartisan Gun Violence Bill ·  Hurricanes May Pose a Threat

EXTREMISMObsessive Passion and Social Alienation Linked to Support for Political Violence Published 23 June 2022 What underlies violent extremism – that is, support for violence to achieve political, ideological or social objectives — and what drives an individual to exhibit these behaviors in which political violence is a desirable option? Violent extremism could be defined as

BIOMETRICSBreath Biometrics: Sniffing Out Your Identity Published 23 June 2022 Biometric authentication like fingerprint and iris scans are a staple of any spy movie, and trying to circumvent those security measures is often a core plot point. Now, researchers have developed a new potential odorous option for the biometric security toolkit: your breath. Biometric authentication like