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PolicingPreventing Police Violence: Body Cams Alone Not Enough Published 26 August 2021 New analysis raised serious questions about the effectiveness of body-worn cameras (BWCs) at preventing police wrongdoing. Experts are calling for broader police reforms after new analysis from the Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Waterloo in Canada raised serious questions about the

FloodsWhat Caused Heavy Rainfall Which Led to Western Europe’s Severe Flooding Published 26 August 2021 Mid-July flooding resulted in at least 184 fatalities in Germany and 38 in Belgium and considerable damage to infrastructure, including houses, motorways and railway lines and bridges and key income sources. Road closures left some places inaccessible for days, cutting

Infrastructure protectionInfrastructure protection Protecting Earth from Space Weather Events Published 26 August 2021 “There are only two natural disasters that could impact the entire U.S.,” according to an expert. “One is a pandemic, and the other is an extreme space weather event.” Space weather eventsfry electronics and power grids, disrupt global positioning systems, cause shifts

COVID-19 originsU.S. Intelligence Community’s Report Inconclusive on COVID-19 Origins Published 24 August 2021 In May, the U.S. intelligence community (IC) was tasked by President Joe Biden to investigate the origins of CVID-19. On Tuesday, the IC delivered its assessment to the White House. The IC report is inconclusive, offering no definitive answer to the question