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GridGuiding Research Direction for Grid-Forming Inverters Published 6 January 2021 Power electronics—including the inverters that interface solar, wind, battery energy storage, and electric vehicles—are on track to gradually, or even entirely, displace traditional generation. In doing so, inverters will inherit new responsibilities and introduce a new set of challenges. Power electronics—including the inverters that interface solar,

ExtremismRacist, Extremist, Anti-Semitic Conspiracies Surround Coronavirus Vaccine Rollout Published 5 January 2021 Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, extremists across the ideological spectrum have used the virus as a platform for elaborate and alarming conspiracy theories. Purveyors of these theories suggest that the vaccine is a new form of population control or elevate debunked

Airport securityScreening Masked Faces at Airports: 96% Accuracy in Recent Test Published 5 January 2021 A controlled scenario test by the DHS S&T shows promising results for facial recognition technologies to accurately identify individuals wearing protective face masks. A controlled scenario test by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) shows promising results for

Hazardous weatherUrban Land, Aerosols Amplify Hazardous Weather, Steer Storms toward Cities Published 5 January 2021 Urban landscapes and human-made aerosols—particles suspended in the atmosphere—have the potential to not only make gusts stronger and hail larger; they can also start storms sooner and even pull them toward cities, according to new research. Urban landscapes and human-made aerosols—particles

Rare earth elementsUntapped Mine Waste Source of Rare Earth Minerals Published 5 January 2021 Rare earth elements are critical for advanced technologies such as cell phones, supermagnets, computers, medical apparatus, renewable energies and advanced defense systems. Currently, the U.S. depends heavily on imports for rare earth mineral resources. Waste rock from long-closed mines in the