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Infrastructure protectionU.S. Puts Sanctions on Russian Research Institution Tied to Malware That Targets Industrial Systems Published 26 October 2020 The United States has placed sanctions on a Russian government research institute connected to the development of computer malware capable of targeting industrial safety systems and causing catastrophic damage. The United States has placed sanctions on a

CybersecurityHuge, Sophisticated Black Market for Trade in Online “Fingerprints” Published 26 October 2020 Security on the internet is a never-ending cat-and-mouse game. Security specialists constantly come up with new ways of protecting our treasured data, only for cyber criminals to devise new and crafty ways of undermining these defenses. A thriving black market for user

Energy securityReforming Fossil Fuel Subsidies Published 26 October 2020 Fossil fuels still receive most of the international government support provided to the energy sector despite their “well-known environmental and public health damage,” according to new research. “There is evidence that fossil fuel subsidies are socially inequitable, that they encourage smuggling and waste, and distort economies