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The Russia connectionScope, Damage of Massive Russian Hack Still Uncertain Published 18 December 2020 Cyberexperts inside and outside the U.S. government are scrambling to determine the dimensions of the massive hack by Russian government hackers of dozens of government agencies and private organizations. “While the Russians did not have the time to gain complete control

BioweaponsNew Bioweapons to Target Specific Groups of People or Individuals Published 17 December 2020 Genomic technologies develop and converge with artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, affective computing, and robotics, means that increasingly refined records of biometrics, emotions, and behaviors will be captured and analyzed. These data will enable game-changing developments which will enable the development

ARGUMENT: Confrontational politicsPandemic Consequences: The Acceleration of Confrontational Politics Published 17 December 2020 Soon after the coronavirus began spreading widely around the world, a dominant narrative emerged about its likely effect on global politics: the pandemic would reinforce autocratic governance. Thomas Carothers and Benjamin Press write in Just Security that, indeed, dozens of authoritarian or

PolarizationPolarization Increases with Economic Decline, Becoming Cripplingly Contagious Published 17 December 2020 The rise of populist movements is changing political systems around the world. As support for these “anti-elite” movements intensifies, many are scrambling to understand whether economic decline and intensifying inter-group conflict are playing a role. The rise of populist movements is changing political systems