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Our picksAmerica: We’re Being Hacked | The Threat from America’s Far Right | Russia Expands Its Africa Reach, and more Published 17 December 2020 ·  I Was the Homeland Security Adviser to Trump. We’re Being Hacked. ·  Fourteen People Convicted in Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack Trial ·  Boogaloo Bois Member Pleads Guilty to Trying to Sell Weapons

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The Russia connectionU.S. National Security Officials Investigating Hacker Intrusions Published 14 December 2020 The Trump administration acknowledged Sunday that several U.S. institutions were hacked on behalf of a foreign government. Cybersecurity experts believe Russia is likely behind the attack on the U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments in what U.S. media is calling one of the most sophisticated attacks

Truth decayCOVID-19 Experts: Americans Must be Vigilant Against Anti-Vax Rumors in “Fractured Media Universe” Published 14 December 2020 As the world watches how U.K. residents respond to COVID-19 vaccinations, three leading experts on the virus are urging Americans and the U.S. government to be vigilant against anti-vaccination advocates and their “rumors, misinformation, and conspiracy theories