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First RespondersCritical Interoperable Messaging Capability for First Responders Published 9 November 2021 “With no dedicated public safety messaging and collaboration platform, many public safety and emergency response officials are leveraging non-secure, consumer-grade messaging tools,” says DHS’s Kathryn Coulter Mitchell. The address this problem, DHS ST has awarded more than $1.5 million to advance the development

Grid SecurityImportant Breakthrough to Help Secure Electrical Grid Published 9 November 2021 As the electrical grid is modernized, it requires new safeguards to keep it safe from cyberattackers. Researchers have developed a novel security approach to find and stop cyberthreats that penetrate the IT layer, preserving grid stability. As the electrical grid is modernized, it requires

Soft TargetsProtecting Soft Targets Published 8 November 2021 There is a need to construct a versatile system designed to protect the vast array of so-called soft targets such as stadiums, schools, and places of worship. After an eight-month competition among the nation’s biggest universities, DHS awarded Northeastern University a $36 million, ten-year contract to develop

Infrastructure ProtectionProtecting Infrastructure from Hackers Published 8 November 2021 Two Midwestern universities lead an effort to form a coalition of regional research centers to work together to develop the region’s cyber defense talent with an eye to bolstering the defense of the region’s infrastructure against hackers. Midwesterners fretting in dark kitchens after a storm have a