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WATER INNOVATION2022 Water Innovation Prizes Announced By Zach Winn Published 3 May 2022 MIT’s Water Innovation Prize helps translate water-related research and ideas into businesses and impact. Each year, student-led finalist teams pitch their innovations to students, faculty, investors, and people working in various water-related industries. The winner of this year’s Water Innovation Prize is a

OUR PICKSBeijing’s Ukrainian Battle Lab | When to Trust Hardware and Software? | Is That an Outlaw Lawn?, and more Published 3 May 2022 ·  Mayorkas: Controversial Board Intended to Protect Speech While Addressing Disinformation’s ‘Connectivity to Violence’ ·  Is That an Outlaw Lawn? Las Vegas Has a New Approach to Saving Water. ·  Body in Barrel

CRITICAL MATERIALSReviving the National Defense Stockpile Funding Published 2 May 2022 Established during World War II, the National Defense Stockpile (NDS) ensures that the Department of Defense can access key materials necessary to maintain readiness in the event of a major supply chain disruption. Current critical minerals stockpile is inadequate to meet the requirements of

InsurrectionMember of Georgia Chapter of Oath Keepers Pleads Guilty to Seditious Conspiracy Published 2 May 2022 The defendant participated in plot to use force to oppose execution of U.S. laws, including the attack on the Capitol during the certification proceeding. DOJ says that the defendant aimed to obstruct Congress in an effort to stop transfer

NUCLEAR WASTERComparing Geologic Repository Assessment Tools Published 2 May 2022 A computer modeling system is designed to answer critical safety assessment questions about future disposal options for spent nuclear fuel deep underground and the system of tunnels, containers and possible concrete-like barriers used to keep the radioactive material contained far from the surface and water sources.