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EpidemicU.S. COVID-19 Crisis Deepens as Deaths Top 250,000 By Lisa Schnirring Published 19 November 2020 As COVID-19 deaths topped 250,000 yesterday, the White House coronavirus task force signaled that the nation’s pandemic situation is worsening, with more overrun hospitals and deaths potentially approaching 2,000 a day in the lead-up to Christmas—unless strong mitigation measures are

ExtremismNew Research Projects to Shed New Light on the Intentions of Violent Extremists Published 19 November 2020 New research project aims to shed new light on the intentions of violent extremists. The “Disguised Compliance in Terrorist Offending” project will provide frontline staff across U.K. security agencies with the best tools and approaches to assess the

China syndromeThe China Initiative: Year-in-Review Published 18 November 2020 On the two-year anniversary of the Department of Justice’s China Initiative, the Department said it continues its focus on the Initiative’s goals, and announced progress during the past year in disrupting and deterring the wide range of national security threats posed by the policies and practices