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Emergency preparednessThe Strategic Stockpile Failed; Experts Propose New Approach to Emergency Preparedness Published 16 November 2020 A new analysis of the United States government’s response to COVID-19 highlights myriad problems with an approach that relied, in large part, on international supply chains and the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS). A panel of academic and military experts

Our picksFresh Look at Domestic Terrorism | Terrorists Plotted a Texas Jailbreak | Ransomware Attacks on Schools Escalate, and more Published 16 November 2020 ·  Biden Administration Urged to Take Fresh Look at Domestic Terrorism ·  U.S. Election 2020: Vote Was Cleanest in History, Cybersecurity Chief Tells Trump ·  Christopher Krebs Hasn’t Been Fired, Yet ·  The Federal

TerrorismIslamism: How Terror Attacks Have Shocked France Published 13 November 2020 According to official data by Europol, France has witnessed more jihadist attacks than any other European Union member since 2014, when the Islamic State (IS) established its so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria. Nearly 300 French citizens have died in those attacks. Over the past

BOOKSHELF: The Russia connectionRussia’s “Neo-Imperialism” Is a Product of Complex Factors By Simon Saradzhyan Published 13 November 2020 Since Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, there has been no shortage of commentaries, articles, papers and entire volumes by Western academics, think-tankers, former policy practitioners and journalists on how Russian President Vladimir Putin is rebuilding the Russian empire

ImmigrationU.S. Immigration Policy Changes Expected Under Biden By Aline Barros Published 11 November 2020 The incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden could swiftly reverse an array of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, many of which remain among the most contentious initiatives of his administration. The incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden could swiftly reverse an array

Argument: Legal aspects of cyberwarfareCyberattacks and the Constitution Published 11 November 2020 The United States has one of the world’s strongest and most sophisticated capabilities to launch cyberattacks against adversaries. How does the U.S. Constitution allocate power to use that capability? And, Matthew Waxman asks, what does that allocation tell us about appropriate executive-legislative branch