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PERSPECTIVE: Election Night Reporting (ENR)Preparing for Election Night: Counting and Reporting the Vote in Battleground States Published 2 November 2020 Disinformation surrounding election night reporting of vote counts poses a unique threat to public confidence in U.S. election results. Jack Caleb and colleagues note that election night reporting (ENR) refers to the real-time report of

Information operationsUnderstanding, and Countering, Information Operations Published 2 November 2020 In recent years, a growing number of governments, non-state actors, and citizens have rapidly expanded their use of pernicious information operations against other countries and even their fellow citizens. Social media and the internet have become the main tool. The current technological revolution has lowered

ThreatsRecent Congressional Testimony: Worldwide Threats to the Homeland By Stevie Kiesel Published 2 November 2020 Two weeks ago, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified about “Worldwide Threats to the Homeland” to the House Committee on Homeland Security. Wray acknowledges the “unique and unprecedented challenges” brought about by COVID-19, as well as important “aggressive and sophisticated threats

SupercomputersSafeguarding the Nation’s Supercomputers Published 2 November 2020 Researchers have developed a system to ferret out questionable use of high-performance computing (HPC) systems within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). As HPC systems become more powerful—arguably the most sophisticated and largest systems in the world—they are under potential threat by attackers seeking to run malicious software.