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DeepfakesFooling Deepfake Detectors Published 12 October 2020 Because new security measures consistently catch many deepfake images and videos, people may be lulled into a false sense of security and believe we have the situation under control. Unfortunately, that might be further from the truth than we realize. Last month Sophie Wilmès, the prime minister of Belgium,

ExtremismU.S.-Inspired Far-Right Extremism an “Insidious” Threat to Australia: Study Published 9 October 2020 Researchers from Macquarie and Victoria Universities have published the first study mapping the online activity of right-wing extremists in New South Wales, Australia. Their study has revealed a network of highly active, social, and complex communities that is difficult to monitor for

PERSPECTIVE: Toxic mediaMichigan Kidnapping Plot, Like So Many Other Extremist Crimes, Foreshadowed on Social Media Published 9 October 2020 More and more, far-right extremist violence is preceded by online declarations on social media. Craig Timberg and Isaac Stanley-Becker write that “such online declarations, brimming with anger and potentially violent intent, have become staples of extremism-fueled

DetectionMarine Organisms as Underwater Detectives Published 9 October 2020 Because marine organisms observe changes in their environment using a combination of senses, they offer unique insights into the underwater world that are difficult to replicate using traditional engineering techniques. DARPA wants to leverage marine organisms for persistent monitoring and detection of underwater vehicles to bolster

Our picksOne Virus, Two Americas | Techno-Nationalism and Diplomacy | Militant Networks, and more Published 9 October 2020 ·  One Virus, Two Americas ·  COVID Drug Used to Treat Trump Was Tested Using Fetus Cells ·  Military Medical Ethics and Dr. Conley’s Misrepresentations of the President’s Health ·  The Death and Life of Terrorist Networks. How Alliances Help

Domestic terrorismMembers of a Far-Right Militia Arrested in Michigan for Plotting to Abduct Gov. Whitmer Published 8 October 2020 Six members of the Wolverine Watchmen, an armed, far-right Michigan militia, and seven other men associated with another militia group, were arrested Thursday for plotting to abduct Michigan’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer a week before the