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Our picksWhat “Natural” Disaster? | Sweden’s New Epidemic: Clan-Based Crime | Climate Migration, and more Published 16 September 2020 ·  The American Government Gave Up on Reality ·  How Climate Migration Will Reshape America ·  ‘Nothing to Do with Climate Change’: Conservative Media and Trump Align on Fires ·  The Idea of a “Natural” Disaster Is Going Up

9/16/20 Extremism Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments Far-right groups in America such as the anti-government Boogaloo Boys have long used a host of tactics and platforms to incite violence, including dehumanizing memes, online forums and organized militias.   Now, left-wing groups are employing many of the same tactics against police and other targets during the social justice protests

Brief Takes // By Ben FrankelWords and Deeds: Increasingly Militant Social Media Discourse by Far-Left Extremists Published 16 September 2020 The increasingly militant social media discourse by anarcho-socialist extremists is worrisome, even if far-left extremists are not viewed by security experts inside and outside government as posing as much of a domestic terrorism threat as