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Public Health EmergenciesMore States Passing Laws Limiting Authority to Respond to Public Health Emergencies Published 27 October 2021 New data capture details of an emerging effort by states to limit executive authority to act in response to public health emergencies. New data just released by the Temple University Center for Public Health Law Researchon capture details of an

CybersecurityDistributed Protocol Underpinning Cloud Computing Automatically Determined Safe and Secure Published 27 October 2021 Two researchers have debunked the common assumption that the famous Paxos consensus protocol is too complex to be proven safe without hours of manual labor. In an important step toward ensuring the protocols that dictate how our networked services operate are safe,

Climate & ViolenceHow Climate Change Contributes to Global Violence By Alex Alvarez Published 27 October 2021 Whether through drought, extreme heat waves, food insecurity, lack of potable water, changing disease vectors or any number of other impacts, large swaths of the globe will increasingly suffer from unhealthy and dangerous conditions brought about by climate change.

Coastal ChallengesClimate “Chain Reactions” Feared By Ruth Douglas Published 27 October 2021 Climate hazards such as extreme heat, drought and storms could trigger “cascading impacts” that may be felt around the world within the next decade, warns a study released ahead of the UN climate summit, COP26. Climate hazards such as extreme heat, drought and storms could

SurveillanceU.S. Tightens Export Controls on Items Used in Surveillance of Private Citizens, other Malicious Cyber Activities Published 25 October 2021 The Commerce Department has released an interim final rule, establishing controls on the export, reexport, or transfer (in-country) of certain items that can be used for surveillance of private citizens or other malicious cyber activities.  The