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CHEMICAL HAZARDSKeeping Communities Safe from Chemical Hazards During Hurricane Season Published 8 June 2022 Extreme weather from hurricanes and tropical storms can devastate communities along the coasts, and the threat of subsequent hazard chemical releases can be just as deadly. Extreme weather from hurricanes and tropical storms can devastate communities along the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific

EXTREMISMGerman Police Failed in Far-Right Hanau Killings: Critics By Ben Knight Published 7 June 2022 Police have been accused of failing to keep tabs on a racist killer during one of Germany’s worst-ever far-right shootings. Police say they had to proceed cautiously. An exhibition on one of Germany’s deadliest mass shootings has opened in Frankfurt, raising

SECURITY LANDSCAPEConverging Trends Increase Threats of Violence: DHS Published 7 June 2022 DHS warns the chances for increased violence or terror attacks are likely to increase over the next six months – the result of a volatile convergence of pervasive disinformation, conspiracy theories, and several high-profile events like the anticipated Supreme Court decision on abortion

ENCRYPTIONRandomly Moving Electrons Can Improve Cybersecurity Published 7 June 2022 Researchers have developed a record-breaking true random number generator (TRNG), which can improve data encryption and provide improved security for sensitive digital data such as credit card details, passwords and other personal information. In October 2017, tech giant Yahoo! disclosed a data breach that had leaked sensitive information

WATER SECURITYThe Risk of Drinking Contaminated Water During Flooding Published 7 June 2022 In addition to causing property damage and psychological impacts, flooding can pose a significant health risk, particularly due to contamination of drinking water sources. Researchers are a decision-making tool to estimate the risk of water contamination in flooded areas. Québec has seen record