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OUR PICKSHow the War Against ISIS Was Won | Warning Signs of Online Extremism | Cyber Threats to Nuclear Weapons, and more Published 7 June 2022 ·  Neo-Nazi Co-Founder of National Action Jailed ·  Court Upholds ‘Terrorism’ Sentencing of Pipeline Saboteur ·  Prevent and the Problem of ‘Political Correctness’ ·  Why Holding Returned ISIS Members Accountable Just Got

SINKING CALIFORNIAGroundwater Depletion Causes California Farmland to Sink Published 6 June 2022 A new study simulates 65 years of land subsidence, or sinking, caused by groundwater depletion in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The results suggest significant sinking may continue for centuries after water levels stop declining but could slow within a few years if aquifers recover.

POLICINGShifting Policing Responsibilities from City to County Doesn’t Affect Crime Levels Published 2 June 2022 Disbanding city police departments and shifting law enforcement responsibilities to county governments appears to have no affect on overall crime rates and leads to fewer police-related deaths, according to a new study. The study also finds disbanding leads to fewer

ELECTION SECURITYWho Cares about a Midterm Election? Comparing Russia, Iran, and China’s Electoral Interference from Past to Present By Clint Watts Published 2 June 2022 Midterm elections present a complicated target environment for foreign manipulators because, unlike presidential elections, there is no single candidate who can significantly alter U.S. foreign policy. But interference opportunities remain,