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OUR PICKS: CRITICAL MATERIALSChina’s Rare Earth Trade Monopoly | Bolstering U.S. Battery Production | Growing Interest in Greenland’s Critical Minerals, and more Published 20 April 2022 ·  DOE Backs U.S. Battery Materials Production with $107M Loan ·  Supply of Critical Minerals Amid the Russia-Ukraine Crisis and Possible Sanctions ·  EV Parts Maker Schaeffler Signs First of a

CLIMATE CHALLENGESHow Do We Learn to Live with Extreme Events? Published 20 April 2022 From weather dictionaries to AI physics, new approaches try to anticipate the next catastrophic flood, tornado, or hurricane. By some measures, climate change is in the past. “Multiple lines of evidence strongly support the finding that anthropogenic greenhouse gases have become the dominant

WAR IN UKRAINEMore and More Russian Soldiers Reportedly Refusing to Fight in Ukraine By Robert Coalson Published 19 April 2022 A growing number of Russian soldiers are refusing to fight in Ukraine. “The phenomenon of refusal is becoming systemic,” says one expert. “Such soldiers are found in practically every unit that has returned from Ukraine.

DRONESDHS S&T Awards $259M to Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System Threats Published 19 April 2022 Germantown, Maryland-based Amentum has been awarded a five-year contract with a maximum value of $260 million by DHS S&T to develop and deploy emerging capabilities and prototypes for countering unmanned systems threats (C-UST). Germantown, Maryland-based Amentum has been awarded a five-year contract with

EPIDEMICSMachine-Learning Techniques for Predicting the Evolution of Epidemics Published 19 April 2022 Machine learning techniques can provide an assumption-free analysis of epidemic case data with surprisingly good prediction accuracy and the ability to dynamically incorporate the latest data. The techniques used to analyze case data show promise for predicting the evolution of an epidemic. Machine learning