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CONSPIRACY THEORYFacebook Posts Linking to Problematic Sites at Alarming Rates Published 12 April 2022 Over a hundred million American adults read news on social media. In the wake of the crisis in Ukraine, antisemitism, hate speech, and disinformation have spread widely on Facebook. Researchers found evidence of the continued presence of problematic posts on the

CONSPIRACY THEORYGoogle Autocomplete Helps Mislead Public, Legitimize Conspiracy Theorists Published 12 April 2022 Google algorithms place innocuous subtitles on prominent conspiracy theorists, which mislead the public and amplify extremist views, according to researchers. Someone like Gavin McInnes, creator of the neo-fascist Proud Boys organization – a terrorist entity in Canada and a hate group in the

WATER SECURITYNew National Water Alliance Aims to Predict Water-Related Hazards, Manage U.S. Water Resources Published 11 April 2022 The new Cooperative Institute for Research to Operations in Hydrology (CIROH) is composed of 28 academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and government and industry partners across the United States and Canada, aiming to better predict water-related hazards and

TRUTH DECAYTrue or False: Work Practices of Professional Fact-Checkers Published 11 April 2022 Online misinformation is a critical societal threat . While fact-checking plays a role in combating the exponential rise of misinformation, little empirical research has been done on the work practices of professional fact-checkers and fact-checking organizations. Online misinformation is a critical societal threat

TRUTH DECAYUnmasking “Clandestine,” the Figure Behind the Viral “Ukrainian Biolab” Conspiracy Theory Published 7 April 2022 “Clandestine,” the man behind the viral biolab conspiracy theory, has been identified as Jacob Creech, a self-described former restaurant manager and Army National Guard veteran living in rural Virginia. The discovery highlights how a fringe QAnon figure, harnessing the