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DEMOCRACY WATCHThe “Sore Loser Effect”: Rejecting Election Results Can Destabilize Democracy and Drive Terrorism By James Piazza Published 6 January 2022 Acceptance of electoral defeat, something political scientists call “loser’s consent,” is essential for stability and order in democracies. The refusal by a candidate or a party to accept defeat a potentially dangerous situation for

RESILIENCECompound-Flood Modeling Tools Hel Build Community Climate Resilience Published 6 January 2022 In 2021, extreme flooding from rain affected residents across the United States, causing property damage and loss of life. These extreme weather events are becoming all too common. In fact, a recent United Nations report—Climate Change 2021—found that heavy rain events are likely

AVIATION SECURITYAT&T, Verizon Agree to Delay 5G Rollout Over Aircraft Safety Concerns Published 4 January 2022 AT&T and Verizon have agreed to hold off on their 5G rollout amid concerns of problems for aircraft. The move marks a change of heart a day after both companies rejected the government request. Two major US telecom operators, AT&T

VACCINESEarly Israeli Findings Show Fivefold Boost from Fourth COVID Vaccine Dose By Lisa Schnirring Published 4 January 2022 Researchers in Israel, who monitored the results of fourth COVID-1 vaccine shots, report that these second booster shots produce a fivefold increase in antibody levels. Researchers from Israel reported promising preliminary findings from a study on fourth COVID-19