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EARTHQUAKESRisk Models Overlook an Important Element Published 29 April 2022 Earthquakes themselves affect the movement of Earth’s tectonic plates, which in turn could impact on future earthquakes, according to new research. This new knowledge should be incorporated in computer models used to gauge earthquake risk, according to the researchers behind the study. Like a gigantic puzzle,

CYBERSECURITY WORKFORCEA Peak at the Nation’s Future Cybersecurity Workforce Published 27 April 2022 Hack the Port 22, hosted jointly by USCYBERCOM and the Maryland Innovation and Security Institute, brought together subject matter experts from government, industry, and academia to highlight the nation’s critical infrastructure and cyber defense priorities. There was an unmistakable buzz at Hack the

INNOVATIONReal-Time Flood Sensors, Dancing Drones and More Published 27 April 2022 Over 40 innovations, including new influenza diagnosis tests and human-driven robots, will be on display at the Research Excellence Exhibit this Friday at NYU. The NYU Tandon School of Engineering will showcase over 40 innovative and future-forward research projects by faculty and students, along with interactive, family-friendly

ENERGY SECURITYHarnessing Wave Energy Published 27 April 2022 Most wave energy devices only capture energy in one direction, such as an up-down motion, but waves have some movement in multiple directions. Illinois Institute of Technologyassociate professor Carrie Hall has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright United States Scholar Award to work on harvesting wave energy as a