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InfrastructureEnvisioning Safer Cities with Artificial Intelligence Published 8 June 2021 Over the past several decades, artificial intelligence has advanced tremendously, and today it promises new opportunities for more accurate healthcare, enhanced national security and more effective education, researchers say. But what about civil engineering and city planning? How do increased computing power and machine learning

Texas electric gridAnalysis: The Texas Electric Grid and the Improvements that Didn’t Come By Ross Ramsey Published 8 June 2021 After the deadly and expensive electrical outages during a winter freeze in February, Texas lawmakers passed major bills aiming to make such disasters less likely in the future. But there’s still a lot to do. After

COVID originsCOVID Origins Probe Should Focus on Lab-Leak Theory, Analysts Say By Adrianna Zhang Published 7 June 2021 Analysts say there is increasing interest in determining whether the coronavirus leaked from a research lab in Wuhan, China, where the deadly virus was first detected in humans, as the U.S. intelligence community acts on President Joe

COVID originsHow Virus Detectives Trace the Origins of an Outbreak – and Why It’s So Tricky By Marilyn J. Roossinck Published 7 June 2021 Every time there is a major disease outbreak, one of the first questions scientists and the public ask is: “Where did this come from?” As an expert in viral ecology, I