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CHECHEN PLAYBOOKPutin May Use Chechen War Playbook in Ukraine By Ksenia Sokolyanskaya Published 9 March 2022 The Russian military campaign in Ukraine has been slower than expected, and Vladimir Putin may turn to the indiscriminate tactics of the wars in Chechnya that turned Chechen cities to rubble in the 1990s and early 2000s, human rights

NUCLEAR RISKSCan Ukraine Be Saved Without Triggering a Nuclear Response? By Brendan Nicholson Published 9 March 2022 Worries about the war in Ukraine are deepened by the prospect that if, against the odds, Russian forces are brought to the point of defeat, Putin will launch a ‘battlefield’ or ‘tactical’ nuclear weapon to destroy the forces

NUCLEAR RISKSWhat Are the Risks at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant? By Ajit Niranjan Published 9 March 2022 Threat of a nuclear catastrophe is low. But experts fear for safety of workers who have been unable to rotate off shift. Communications with the site are down and electricity has reportedly been lost. In late February Russian troops invading Ukraine occupied the

PROPAGANDARussia Shows the Limits of Propaganda By Will Duffield Published 9 March 2022 Beyond the outer fringes of Western politics, neither Russia’s contrived casus belli nor its wartime information operation have been taken seriously in Europe or America. Despite widespread concerns about the influence of English‐language Russian state media such as Russia Today and Sputnik, Russian