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Our picksDisasters & “Warning Fatigue” | How to Deradicalize Your Town | Sea Level Rise and Non-Coastal Communities, and more Published 6 September 2021 ·  Highlights of Iran’s Perilous Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons ·  As Flood Alerts Lit Up Phones, Did “Warning Fatigue” Set In? ·  This Seemingly Normal Lightning Cable Will Leak Everything You Type ·  American

ExtremismTwenty Years after 9/11, Germany Still Struggling with Militant Islamists By Matthias von Hein Published 4 September 2021 Twenty years ago, Islamist terror was still largely an unknown for German security authorities. Now, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) has a newly established Islamist-Motivated Terrorism/Extremism Department. Around 500 criminal investigators, scientists, translators, and analysts work

ARGUMENT: Afghanistan rapid collapseHow the Taliban Exploited Afghanistan’s Human Geography Published 3 September 2021 The Taliban managed to seize power so quickly because it used Afghanistan’s human geography to exploit that state’s fragility: The country’s low population density empowers fast-moving and cohesive attackers, for which the poorly trained, disorganized, corrupt, and unmotivated Afghani army was

Natural hazardsMitigating Hazards with Vulnerability in Mind By Andrew Logan Published 3 September 2021 From tropical storms to landslides, the form and frequency of natural hazards vary widely. To mitigate natural hazards equitably, an MIT Ph.D. candidate is incorporating social vulnerability into resilience engineering and hazard recovery. From tropical storms to landslides, the form and frequency