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Pandemic preparednessApollo Program-Style Pandemic Preparedness Plan Published 10 September 2021 Last week, the Biden administration announced a new biosecurity plan which it likened to the Apollo program of the late 1960s. This $65 billion proposal would be one of the largest investments in public health in American history and would “remake the nation’s pandemic preparedness

9/11: Twin Towers collapse9/11 Conspiracy Theories Debunked: 20 Years Later, Engineering Experts Explain How the Twin Towers Collapsed By David Oswald, Erica Kuligowski, and Kate Nguyen Published 9 September 2021 The collapse of the World Trade Center has been subject to intense public scrutiny over the last twenty years, prompting several investigations and spawning a

Water securityRiver Backwaters and High Water Quality Standards Published 9 September 2021 Clean drinking water is essential. Scientists are investigating how water quality in riverine floodplains, often used as drinking water resources, changes as a result of heavy rainfall and flooding. Floodplain landscapes are essential for drinking water supplies because they contain valuable water resources. This