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OUR PICKSIran-Israel War Is Coming | Lessons for the Next Pandemic | Explosion at a Texas Energy Plant, and more Published 22 June 2022 ·  Deal or No Deal, Iran-Israel War Is Coming to the Middle East ·  Microsoft: Russian Cyber Spying Targets 42 Ukraine Allies ·  U.S. Investment in Ukraine’s Energy Security Focuses on Cybersecurity for

COASTAL CHALLENGESDeveloping Novel Hybrid Reef-Mimicking Structures Published 22 June 2022 Despite previous efforts to implement storm mitigation solutions — including concrete breakwaters — damage due to storm surge and flooding continues to devastate coastal areas around the world. In response to these threats, DARPA has launched the Reefense program to develop self-healing, hybrid biological, and

EXTREMISMGermany: Far-Right AfD Conference Halted Amid Ukraine War Infighting Published 20 June 2022 After struggling at recent state and federal elections, the far-right party failed to agree on its new foreign policy stance, particularly over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The party conference in Saxony broke up early. The far-right Alternative for Germany’s party conference ended abruptly on

Extremism & Terrorism ·  GOP to DOJ: Investigate Vandalism at Anti-Abortion Centers as Domestic Terrorism ·  US Sanctions Far-Right Swede for Links to Russian Terror Group ·  Buffalo Shooting Suspect Said He Carried Out Attack ‘For the Future of the White Race,’ Federal Complaint Says ·  15 People on Terror Watch List Were Captured Sneaking Across the Southern Border in May ·  Counterterrorism Researchers Say They Lack the Data