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EXTREMISMSome 2022 Left-Wing Candidates Espouse Troubling Rhetoric on Israel Published 14 April 2022 In recent years, American public life has been increasingly marked by the rise of extremism and the erosion of democratic norms. More than any time in recent memory, people view political disagreements not as good faith disputes but as zero-sum clashes with

EXTREMISMThe Role of Violent Conspiratorial Narratives in Violent and Non‐Violent Extreme Right Manifestos Online, 2015‐2020 Published 14 April 2022 Much research remains to be done on the precise qualitative difference between the structures and linguistic markers that are evident in violent and non‐violent conspiratorial language, especially on the extreme far right, and how this encourages

OUR PICKSComplacency ahead of Hurricane Season | Terrorists Are Gaming the System | The Return of the Machine Gun, and more Published 14 April 2022 ·  Officials Warn of ‘Complacency’ ahead of Hurricane Season ·  German Police Bust Right-Wing Group Planning Attack on Energy Grid ·  Neo-Nazi Who Tried to Launch a ‘Civil Race War’ By Launching

CONSPIRACY THEORYGoogle Autocomplete Helps Mislead Public, Legitimize Conspiracy Theorists Published 12 April 2022 Google algorithms place innocuous subtitles on prominent conspiracy theorists, which mislead the public and amplify extremist views, according to researchers. Someone like Gavin McInnes, creator of the neo-fascist Proud Boys organization – a terrorist entity in Canada and a hate group in the