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AIUsing AI to Find Anomalies Hiding in Massive Datasets By Adam Zewe Published 25 February 2022 Identifying a malfunction in the nation’s power grid can be like trying to find a needle in an enormous haystack. A new machine-learning technique could pinpoint potential power grid failures or cascading traffic bottlenecks in real time. Identifying a malfunction

OUR PICKS: UKRAINE CRISIS Why Putin invaded Ukraine | Sleepwalking into War in Ukraine | Biden’s Inner Realist, and more Published 25 February 2022 ·  ‘Can Russia Actually Control the Entire Landmass of Ukraine?’ ·  Why Putin invaded Ukraine ·  Vlad the Invader: Putin Is Looking to Rebuild Russia’s Empire ·  With Putin, Biden Should Channel His Inner Realist

CYBERSECURITYThe U.S. Digital Security Challenges: Q&A with Frederic Lemieux Published 23 February 2022 The U.S. is facing many digital challenges: Ransomware attacks; critical infrastructure vulnerability; exploitation of flaws in widely used software packages such as SolarWinds; potential Russian cyberattacks resulting from the Ukraine crisis; shortage of cybersecurity talent which leaves many government and private sector

ENERGY SECURITYIf Russia Turns Off the Tap: LNG Could Boost European Energy Security By Nik Martin Published 23 February 2022 Europe’s gas reserves are at their lowest in years with winter demand not yet over. As the Ukraine crisis escalates, raising fears over Russian supply, could liquefied natural gas (LNG) fill the gap? The true scale

PANDEMICU.K. Unveils Game Plan for “Living with COVID” By Lisa Schnirring Published 22 February 2022 In an address to the House of Commons Monday, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a plan for “living with COVID,” phasing out free testing for most people and removing requirements to self-isolate after testing positive. In an address to the