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MISINFORMATIONGetting Better at Telling Misinformation from Reliable Expert Consensus By Diane Nazaroff Published 15 February 2022 Psychology researchers have shown how to better communicate key messages and avoid misinformation. If more people told you something was true, you’d think you would tend to believe it. Not according to a 2019 study by Yale University which found that people believe

CHEMICAL FORENSICSState Department’s New Chemical Forensics International Technical Working Group Published 12 February 2022 The U.S. Department of State has established the Chemical Forensics International Technical Working Group (CFITWG) to address gaps in chemical forensic science and capabilities through an international partnership of experts from science, policy, academic, law enforcement, and export-control organizations. The U.S. Department

ENERGY SECURITYWe Need Hydropower for a Resilient Grid By Kelsey Adkisson Published 12 February 2022 The shift in power source mix and climate change-driven natural disasters make America’s most critical piece of energy infrastructure—the grid—more vulnerable than ever before. That’s where hydropower plays a pivotal role: When other types of power plants go dark, hydropower