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HUMANITARIAN CRISISHow Bad Is Ukraine’s Humanitarian Crisis? By Diana Roy Published 28 March 2022 Russia’s assault on Ukraine could create as many as seven million refugees. Experts say the war could soon become Europe’s largest humanitarian crisis since the 1990s. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has created the largest humanitarian crisis Europe has seen

POPULATION DECLINEWar Could See Ukraine’s Population Fall by a Third Published 28 March 2022 Ukraine’s population could decline by a third over the next two decades as a result of the Russian invasion, researchers say. The population of Ukraine is also likely to become proportionately older over time with continued large-scale emigration the longer the

EXTREMISTSRussia-Ukraine War Splits Germany’s Far-Right By Ben Knight Published 28 March 2022 The Russian invasion of Ukraine has left Germany’s neo-Nazis confused: Should they support the authoritarian Russian leader or far-right nationalists fighting on the Ukrainian side? Germany’s far-right political parties and fringe groups are struggling to agree on a position on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,

BIODEFENSECurrent and Future Challenges to National Biodefense Published 25 March 2022 The Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense met to discuss the expanding landscape of current and future biological threats, the roles and responsibilities of the federal government in assessing and preparing for various biological threats, and biological weapons, bioterrorism, and biological arms races with the public. The

ENCRYPTIONProtecting Picture Passwords Using Adjustable Distortion Published 25 March 2022 Researchers developed a new system for graphical authentication online using key images with adjustable levels of distortion to thwart over-the-shoulder and screen-capture snooping, which may make online sites more secure. Scientists from the Faculty of Engineering, Information, and Systems at the University of Tsukuba propose an

BATTERIESPivotal Battery Discovery Could Benefit Transportation, the Grid Published 25 March 2022 Researchers uncover new avenue for overcoming the performance decline that occurs with repeated charge-discharge cycling in the cathodes of next generation batteries. Battery-powered vehicles have made a significant dent in the transportation market. But that market still needs lower cost batteries that can power