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DISEASE FORECASRSCompetition and Collaboration: Understanding Interacting Epidemics Can Unlock Better Disease Forecasts By Andrey Lokhov Published 26 January 2022 A new algorithm increases scientists’ abilities to accurately model mutually dependent spreading processes, from virus outbreaks to disinformation on social media. Epidemiological models took center stage throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providing important information about the spread of

OUR PICKSThe Pandemic of Unknowns | Cybersecurity & Smart Buildings | DHS & Disinformation Threat, and more Published 26 January 2022 ·  The Pandemic of Unknowns ·  Whisper It, but Putin Has a Point in Ukraine ·  DHS: Extremists Continue to Plot, Encourage Physical Attacks on Electricity Infrastructure ·  More Federal Coordination Needed to Tackle U.S. Domestic Extremism · 

PUBLIC HEALTHAntimicrobial Resistance Far Deadlier Than Thought By Chris Dall Published 24 January 2022 In the largest and most comprehensive study to date on the global burden of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), an international team of researchers estimates that more than 1.2 million people died from drug-resistant infections in 2019. In the largest and most comprehensive study