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CybersecurityMalware Detection for Androids Published 26 July 2021 Conventional antivirus and malware detection often fails to detect malware where the software signature may well be only marginally different from the original virus. Researchers have developed a new approach that can detect malicious activity at the source code level. There are numerous malware detection and antivirus apps

Airport securityHandheld Screening Wands May Reduce Need for Airport Pat-Downs Published 26 July 2021 Until recently, creating an effective and reliable handheld screening technology of passengers was too costly. Advancements made in 5G cell phones, automotive radars, embedded computing, and other critical enabling technologies now make screening solutions such as the handheld millimeter wave wand

BatteriesGlobal Approach Is Needed on Battery Regulation Published 26 July 2021 New EU regulations on batteries could offer a huge boost to the global decarbonization mission – but only if the EU leverages its political and economic weight to ensure a fairer global marketplace. According to a team of scientists and researchers writing in Science, the new regulations,

WMDProtecting the U.S. against WMD Published 24 July 2021 The Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) office was established within DHS in December 2018 to address the challenge of WMD. GAO has reviewed how the CWMD office manages programs intended to enhance the U.S. ability to detect, deter, and defend against chemical, biological, radiological, and