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COASTAL CHALLENGESAntarctica’s “Doomsday” Glacier: How Its Collapse Could Trigger Global Floods and Swallow Islands By Ella Gilbert Published 31 December 2021 Driven by global warming, sea level has risen around 20cm since 1900, an amount which is already forcing coastal communities out of their homes and exacerbating environmental problems such as flooding, saltwater contamination and

COVID RESPONSESocial Capital and COVID-19 Response Published 30 December 2021 Social capital measures how well connected we are to our families, communities, workplaces and religious groups. Researchers found that early in the COVID-19 pandemic, high levels of social capital were associated with a slower spread of the virus. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign electrical and computer engineering professor Lav Varshney is

CLIMATE CHALLENGESControlled Burning of Natural Environments Could Help Offset Carbon Emissions Published 30 December 2021 Planting trees and suppressing wildfires do not necessarily maximize the carbon storage of natural ecosystems. A new study has found that prescribed burning can actually lock in or increase carbon in the soils of temperate forests, savannahs and grasslands. Planting trees