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ADVERSARIAL AIAiding Evaluation of Adversarial AI Defenses Published 4 January 2022 There are many inherent weaknesses that underlie existing machine learning (ML) models, opening the technology up to spoofing, corruption, and other forms of deception. Evaluation testbed, datasets, tools developed on GARD program were released to jump-start community and encourage creation of more robust defenses

OUR PICKSLog4j Flaw Attack Levels Remain High | Spotting Extremists | Spies & Actors, and more Published 4 January 2022 ·  Winnipeg Professor Developing Tool Kit to Help Teachers Spot Burgeoning Extremism in Students ·  Hate Crimes Are Soaring. Extremists Have a New Recruitment Tool: Video Games. ·  Hackers Breached Florida Health Care System, Potentially Exposing Data

COASTAL CHALLENGESAntarctica’s “Doomsday” Glacier: How Its Collapse Could Trigger Global Floods and Swallow Islands By Ella Gilbert Published 3 January 2022 Driven by global warming, sea level has risen around 20cm since 1900, an amount which is already forcing coastal communities out of their homes and exacerbating environmental problems such as flooding, saltwater contamination and

ROBOTICSAutonomous Air and Ground Vehicles Swarms Take Flight in Final Field Experiment Published 30 December 2021 DARPA’s OFFSET program envisions future small-unit infantry forces employing large-scale teams of unmanned air and/or ground robots to accomplish diverse missions in complex urban environments. OFFSET specifically focused on advancements in collaborative swarm autonomy and human-swarm teaming capabilities. Researchers, roboticists,