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CRYPTOGRAPHYSecure Cryptography with Real-World Devices Is Now Possible Published 28 July 2022 New research published in Nature explains how an international team of researchers have, for the first time, experimentally implemented a type of quantum cryptography considered to be the ‘ultimate’, ‘bug-proof’ means of communication. In an experiment built upon three decades of fundamental research, experimental work at

GRID RESILIENCETool Estimates Costs of Power Interruptions Published 28 July 2022 Berkeley Lab-led initiative helps electric companies improve grid reliability and resilience. The initiative aims to update and upgrade the Interruption Cost Estimate (ICE) Calculator – a publicly available, online tool – which estimates the economic consequences of power interruptions. Berkeley Lab has initiated a national

ENERGY SECURITYEurope’s Energy Choice By Bo Lidegaard Published 28 July 2022 Russia’s war in Ukraine and the disruption of Russian gas exports to Europe has triggered an energy crunch, with price spikes unlike anything seen since 1973. And the situation will get worse before it gets better. Responding to the immediate energy crisis in the

OUR PICKSThe CHIPS Act | Most Important Hacking Targets |The Burning of the American West, and more Published 28 July 2022 ·  Officials Are Racing to Protect the Absolutely Most Important Hacking Targets ·  Lawmakers Question DOJ’s National Security Division on Cybersecurity, Surveillance ·  MS-13 Member Sentenced for Racketeering Conspiracy Involving Murder Following Multi-Agency Probe ·  NATO Is

COVID-19 ORIGINSCOVID-19 Origins Linked to Wildlife Sales at Chinese Market; Other Scenarios Extremely Unlikely: Studies Published 27 July 2022 Analyses based on locations and viral sequencing of early cases indicate the COVID-19 pandemic started in Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, with two separate jumps from animals to humans. One of the most intriguing, and politically fraught,