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CLIMATE CHALLENGESControlled Burning of Natural Environments Could Help Offset Carbon Emissions Published 29 December 2021 Planting trees and suppressing wildfires do not necessarily maximize the carbon storage of natural ecosystems. A new study has found that prescribed burning can actually lock in or increase carbon in the soils of temperate forests, savannahs and grasslands. Planting trees

OUR PICKSThe Most Dangerous Extremists | Terrorism & Surveillance, Searches, and Mental Illness | The Next Disaster Coming to the Great Plains, and more Published 28 December 2021 ·  World’s 20 Most Dangerous Extremists Revealed — Including UK-Based Anjem Choudary and Tommy Robinson ·  Tampa Terrorism Case Raises Questions of Surveillance, Searches, Mental Illness ·  Covid Lockdowns

ARGUMENT: HYBRID DOMESTIC EXTREMISTSBlurry Ideologies and Strange Coalitions: The Evolving Landscape of Domestic Extremism Published 24 December 2021 Students of extremism and domestic terrorism have noticed an intriguing phenomenon: the convergence of far right and far left extremists and the breakdown of old ideological walls. Far-right extremists have valorized the Unabomber and praised the Taliban;