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WATER SECURITYWater Resources Depletion Near Large Urban Areas Published 10 February 2022 Researchers analyzed the spatial distribution of water resources depletion in connection with proximity to large urban areas and defined a model that might prove fundamental to mitigate the impact of urbanization on the ecosystem. The depletion of water resources (e.g. rivers and lakes) is more rapid and

SOFTWARE SECURITYAutomated Approach to Extract Security Policies from Software Published 7 February 2022 Researchers are exploring how a new automated approach could prevent software security vulnerabilities. The researchers sought to develop a deep learning model that could teach software how to extract security policies automatically. A team of UTSA researchers is exploring how a new automated approach

EXTREMISMHow Radio Programming Can Fight Violent Extremism in West Africa Published 7 February 2022 A new study shows the potential of storytelling and narratives to address violent extremism. Radio dramas can increase intentions to collaborate with the police, increase prioritization of violent extremism as an important issue to be addressed by the government, and reduce