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Chemical weaponsUN Watchdog Confirms Assad Used Chemical Weapons against Civilians Published 16 April 2021 The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on Monday released the findings of the second report by the OPCW Investigation and Identification Team (IIT). IIT concludes that units of the Syrian Arab Air Force used chemical weapons in Saraqib

Conspiracy theory“Deprogramming” QAnon Followers Ignores Free Will and Why They Adopted the Beliefs in the First Place By Paul Thomas Published 16 April 2021 Recent calls to deprogram QAnon conspiracy followers are steeped in discredited notions about brainwashing. As popularly imagined, brainwashing is a coercive procedure that programs new long-term personality changes. Deprogramming, also coercive,

Iran’s nukesNatanz Attack Sets Back Iran’s Nuclear Operations Published 14 April 2021 The Israeli Sunday sabotage operation against Iran’s nuclear facility at Natanz destroyed a well-protected electrical substation housed 40 to 50 meters underground.Iranian officials said that thedestruction of the power supply led to the damage or destruction of “thousands of centrifuges” by causing them