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CLIMATE CHALLENGESU.S. Launches with Tools for Communities Facing Extreme Heat Published 26 July 2022 The administration launched, a new website to provide the public and decision-makers with clear, timely and science-based information to understand and reduce the health risks of extreme heat. will provide a one-stop hub on heat and health for

GUNSU.S. Youth Firearm Mortality Increases Over the Past Decade –Trends Differ Significantly Across States Published 26 July 2022 In 2020, firearms were the leading cause of death in children in the United States. Four states with stricter laws restricting gun access successfully reversed upward trajectories in youth gun deaths over the past decade. Not a day

GUNSAn Elusive Shadow: State-by-State Gun Ownership Published 26 July 2022 Policy-makers are faced with an exceptional challenge: how to reduce harm caused by firearms while maintaining citizens’ right to bear arms and protect themselves. Meaningful legislation requires an understanding of how access to firearms is associated with different outcomes of harm, but this knowledge also

CYBERSECURITY EDUCATIONFAU Receives State Grant for Cybersecurity, IT Training Published 26 July 2022 Cybersecurity jobs are expected to grow by a faster-than-average 33 percent over the next 10 years. In addition, cybersecurity-related job postings have increased by 43 percent in the past year. Florida launches a $15.6 million initiative to prepare students and mid-career professionals

OUR PICKSChina’s Cognitive Warfare | Open-Source Security | Bioweapons Targeting DNA, Food Supply, and more Published 26 July 2022 ·  Biological Weapons Could Target DNA, Food Supply, Two U.S. Lawmakers Say ·  Open-Source Security: How Digital Infrastructure Is Built on a House of Cards ·  Readout of Inaugural Cyber Incident Reporting Council Meeting ·  Independent Report Slams U.K. Leadership

HOT SUMMERExtreme Heat Causes Record Wildfires, Acres Burned Published 25 July 2022 In 2022, 38,046 wildfires have burned 5,571,855 acres. This is the most acres burned-to-date in the past 10 years. Both numbers are well above the 10-year average of 32,286 wildfires and 3,328,244 acres burned. Temperatures will rise to 10- 15oF above normal across