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OUR PICKSThe Bioeconomy Revolution | Iranian Cyber Group | Redefining Cyber Warfare, and more Published 28 January 2022 ·  What We Learned About Pegasus, the Smartphone Cracker ·  Private Israeli Spyware Used to Hack Cellphones of Journalists, Activists Worldwide ·  DHS Data Use Evolving and Improving, Officials Say ·  Biden Team Promises New Approach to Extremism, but Critics

UKRAINE CRISISU.S. Developing Energy Contingency Plan for Europe in Case of Russia’s Cuts in Oil, Gas Exports By Patsy Widakuswara Published 26 January 2022 Moscow provides approximately 40 percent of Europe’s natural gas, and European energy stockpiles have been significantly lower in the past few months because of reduced Russian supplies. The Biden administration has

DISEASE FORECASRSCompetition and Collaboration: Understanding Interacting Epidemics Can Unlock Better Disease Forecasts By Andrey Lokhov Published 26 January 2022 A new algorithm increases scientists’ abilities to accurately model mutually dependent spreading processes, from virus outbreaks to disinformation on social media. Epidemiological models took center stage throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providing important information about the spread of