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Managed coastal retreatRole of Managed Retreat as a Climate Change Response Published 23 June 2021 Managed retreat—the climate adaptation response of moving people and property out of harm’s way— is becomig more appealing as one of several responses to sea-level rise. Researchers explore what it would take for managed retreat to be supportive of people

Managed coastal retreat“Managed Retreat” Can Reinvent Cities While Protecting Lives When Climate Change Floods, Burns or Bakes the Land By A. R. Siders Published 23 June 2021 Record-breaking heat waves; megadroughts, drying fresh-water sources; hotter and more frequent wildfires; intensifying hurricanes — this is what climate change looks like, and communities need to be prepared.

Infrastructure protectionHow Will We Protect American Infrastructure from Cyberattacks Published 22 June 2021 As the Colonial Pipeline hack and subsequent shutdown reminded us so recently, our infrastructure’s digital connectedness — while bringing benefits like convenience, better monitoring and remote problem-solving — leaves it vulnerable to cyberattacks. Infrastructure — it’s one of those words we think we

Water securityTexas Must Address Groundwater Future: Study Published 22 June 2021 Long-term water security is essential for the future of Texas, and the state acutely needs a common law system that can balance world-scale agricultural activity, industrial development and urban growth while also protecting private property rights, according to new research. Long-term water security is essential

Lab safetyIt’s Time to Talk about Lab Safety Published 21 June 2021 A new website,, is an interactive web-based map of global Biosafety Level 4 facilities and biorisk management policies. Only 17 of the 23 countries that house BSL-4 laboratories have national biosafety associations or are members of international partnerships. Dr. Filippa Lentzos, a senior