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Family SeparationFamily Separation’s Psychological Trauma in Parents, Children Persists After Reunification: Medical Study Published 26 November 2021 New analysis finds long-lasting psychological harm sustained by survivors of the “zero tolerance” policy. The study finds that forcibly separating parents and children, especially when compounded with pre-migration traumas, produced signs and symptoms of trauma that met the

VaccinesRussian Anti-Vaccine Disinformation Campaign Backfires By Jamie Dettmer Published 18 November 2021 For more than a year, Russian-aligned troll factories overseeing thousands of social media accounts have been spreading anti-vaccine messages in an aggressive campaign to spread conspiracy theories and cast doubt on Western coronavirus vaccines. But the year-long offensive appears to have backfired. Russian

Cybersecurity EducationUniversity of Central Florida Students Defend Virtual Energy System to Win CyberForce Competition Published 18 November 2021 The Knights of the University of Central Florida won the DOE’s CyberForce Competition, valiantly defending and securing a hydropower energy system against a malicious virtual cyberattack. The event challenged 120 teams from 105 colleges and universities to

Cybersecurity EducationPreparing Future Cybersecurity Leaders for Protecting Critical Infrastructure Published 18 November 2021 A network of Virginia universities, in partnership with the Virginia Department of Elections, joined to create an innovative educational program to train future cybersecurity professionals to protect election infrastructure. Faculty in the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science have earned

Grid ResilienceUtilizing Demand Flexibility in Electricity Distribution Networks Published 18 November 2021 The transition to sustainable energy sources like wind and solar and the introduction of electric vehicles and heat pumps are putting a growing strain on our electricity distribution networks. The transition to sustainable energy sources like wind and solar and the introduction of electric

Grid ResilienceProviding Resilient Power Published 18 November 2021 Extreme-weather events and wildfires can put power grids under pressure and threaten their ability to produce reliable power. A microgrid demonstration project demonstrates DC microgrid technology for resilient power to homes and installations. As illustrated this summer, extreme-weather events and wildfires can put power grids under pressure and

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