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ARGUMENT: Countering DisinformationHow to Support a Globally Connected Counter-Disinformation Network Published 19 January 2022 From undermining democracy to inciting genocide, the global dangers of disinformation on social media are now well known. Kevin Sheives writes that despite countless calls for better legal regulation or intensified content moderation, the efforts of governments and social media companies

AVALANCHESimulations Can Improve Avalanche Forecasting Published 19 January 2022 Currently, avalanche forecasts in Canada are made by experienced professionals who rely on data from local weather stations and on-the-ground observations from ski and backcountry ski operators, avalanche control workers for transportation and industry, and volunteers who manually test the snowpack. But simulated snow cover models

ENERGY SECURITYA Global Energy Grid Based on 100% Renewable Energy Published 19 January 2022 Researchers are working to build an industrial scale prototype of a next generation HVDC technology that could pave the way for a global electricity grid, based on renewable energy. Researchers at the Birmingham Energy Institute are working with the C-EPRI Electric Power Engineering Ltd (C-EPRI), to

WATER SECURITYSafe Drinking Water Remains Out of Reach for Many Californians Published 18 January 2022 An estimated 370,000 Californians rely on drinking water that may contain high levels of the chemicals arsenic, nitrate or hexavalent chromium. Researchers say that Californians impacted by unsafe drinking water from other compounds for which data are not as widely available.