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Technology regulationHow Much Regulation of the Tech Industry Is Too Much? Published 24 February 2021 As prominent figures, including former President Donald Trump, are banned from social media platforms for posting disinformation or inflammatory remarks, technology regulation has become a hot topic of debate. “We are living in times where technology has fundamentally changed almost

PolarizationHow Shared Partisanship Leads to Social Media Connections By Peter Dizikes Published 24 February 2021 It is no secret that U.S. politics is polarized. An experiment conducted by MIT researchers now shows just how deeply political partisanship directly influences people’s behavior within online social networks. The Twitter experiment shows clear self-selection into social media “echo

Texas power outagesWhat Went Wrong with Texas’ Power Grid? Published 24 February 2021 On 13 February, a severe winter storm swept across Texas and nearby southern states, bringing sub-zero temperatures and snowfall as far south as the border with Mexico. The polar air that descended on Texas lasted many days, leading to a statewide crisis

ExtremismExtremist Minds: These Psychological Traits Might Help Identify People Vulnerable to Becoming Radicalized By Leor Zmigrod Published 22 February 2021 The characteristics of peoples’ brains might offer clues about the political beliefs they hold dear. In a study of around 350 U.S. citizens, we examined the relationship between individuals’ cognitive traits – the unconscious ways

ExtremismInoculating against the Spread of Radical-Islamist and Islamophobic Disinformation Published 22 February 2021 Misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda are core components of radicalization and extremism and apply equally to Islamist radicalization and the generation of Islamophobia. One method of countering disinformation is to inoculate the information consumer. Misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda are core components of radicalization and