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WildfiresHuman-Caused Climate Change Increases Wildfire Activity Published 10 November 2021 The western United States has experienced a rapid increase of fire weather as the vapor pressure deficit (VPD) increases in the area during the warm season. New research shows that two-thirds (approximately 68 percent) of the increase in VPD is due to human-caused climate change. The

ARGUMENT: Assessing Biowarfare Biological Weapons in the “Shadow War” Published 9 November 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has led to renewed discussion of biological weapons, but Glenn Cross, a former deputy national intelligence officer for Weapons of Mass Destruction responsible for biological weapons analysis, argues that the development and possession of biological weapons is trending dramatically

First RespondersCritical Interoperable Messaging Capability for First Responders Published 9 November 2021 “With no dedicated public safety messaging and collaboration platform, many public safety and emergency response officials are leveraging non-secure, consumer-grade messaging tools,” says DHS’s Kathryn Coulter Mitchell. The address this problem, DHS ST has awarded more than $1.5 million to advance the development

Grid SecurityImportant Breakthrough to Help Secure Electrical Grid Published 9 November 2021 As the electrical grid is modernized, it requires new safeguards to keep it safe from cyberattackers. Researchers have developed a novel security approach to find and stop cyberthreats that penetrate the IT layer, preserving grid stability. As the electrical grid is modernized, it requires