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Disaster responsePlanetSense: Stepping in When Disaster Strikes Published 11 February 2021 As Hurricane Dorian raged through the Bahamas, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory worked around the clock to aid recovery efforts for one of the Caribbean’s worst storms ever. The researchers helped direct that relief, churning out geographic data that guided decisions on everything

EarthquakesBetter Earthquake Recovery Published 11 February 2021 For the last century, seismic building codes and practices have primarily focused on saving lives by reducing the likelihood of significant damage or structural collapse. Recovery of critical functions provided by buildings and infrastructure have received less attention, however. As a result, many remain vulnerable to being knocked

Climate challengesErratic Weather Slows Down the Economy Published 11 February 2021 If temperature varies strongly from day to day, the economy grows less. Through these seemingly small variations climate change may have strong effects on economic growth. In a new study, researchers  juxtapose observed daily temperature changes with economic data from more than 1,500 regions

CoronavirusChina Probe: SARS-CoV-2 Jump from Go-Between Host Most Likely Scenario By Lisa Schnirring Published 9 February 2021 Representatives from China and an international joint mission team led by the World Health Organization (WHO) Monday in Wuhan detailed the results of a 2-week probe into the zoonotic source of the outbreaks, which didn’t reveal a definitive

Domestic terrorismBiden Administration ‘Going after Violence’ in Crackdown on Domestic Terrorism By Jeff Seldin Published 9 February 2021 White House and Pentagon officials are defending decisions to conduct in-depth reviews of the dangers posed by domestic extremists in the United States, pushing back against criticism that the measures will result in a so-called political litmus

IncitementGermany: Hate Speech, Threats against Politicians Rise By Ben Knight Published 9 February 2021 Three weeks after a neo-Nazi was convicted of murdering regional governor Walter Lübcke. In answer to a parliamentary information request from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, the Interior Ministry reported that 1,534 crimes against politicians, party members or party

ARGUMENT: China strategyThe U.S.’s China Strategy Needs New Tools Published 9 February 2021 Chinese state capitalism caught U.S. policymakers flat-footed. While far from perfect, the “China model” is dramatically reshaping global industry through the concentrated power of economic tools like subsidies, market protection, forced technology transfer and economic espionage. .” Jordan Schneider and David Talbot

DeepfakesDeepfake Detectors Can Be Defeated, Researchers Show for the First Time Published 9 February 2021 Systems designed to detect deepfakes —videos that manipulate real-life footage via artificial intelligence—can be deceived, computer scientists showed. Researchers showed detectors can be defeated by inserting inputs called adversarial examples into every video frame. The adversarial examples are slightly manipulated