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HEALTHCARE & CYBERSECURITYNIST Updates Guidance for Health Care Cybersecurity Published 25 July 2022 In an effort to help health care organizations protect patients’ personal health information, NIST has updated its cybersecurity guidance for the health care industry. The revised draft publication aims to help organizations comply with HIPAA Security Rule. In an effort to help health

POLITICAL VIOLENCEAlarming Trend Toward Political Violence Published 25 July 2022 A new report reveals alarming trends in attitudes toward violence, including political violence, in the United States. The survey is the first of its kind to explore the participants’ personal willingness to engage in specific political violence scenarios. A new report published as a preprint on from researchers at

OUR PICKSHow Significant a Threat Is ISIS Right Now? | Preventing a Dirty Bomb | Sharing Data to Tackle Terrorism, and more Published 25 July 2022 ·  Neo-Nazi Accelerationsts Urge Followers to Infiltrate and Attack Abortion Facilities ·  Preventing a Dirty Bomb: Vulnerabilities Persist in NRC’s Controls for Purchases of High Risk Radioactive Materials ·  As the

EARTHQUAKESThe World’s Largest Experimental Earthquake Infrastructure Facility Published 25 July 2022 The National Science Foundation (NSF) promotes research investments and technology that help recognize and mitigate the impacts of natural disasters across the U.S.“The ability to test infrastructure under a full range of motion is critical for unleashing new and pioneering research that can lead

EXTREMISMDoes Germany’s Special Network to Prevent Islamist Extremists’ Attacks Work? By Marcel Fürstenau Published 23 July 2022 Political and religious extremism has long been seen as a threat to democracy in Germany. The Counter Terrorism Center is where agencies and police network to prevent Islamist extremist attacks. Is it effective? December 19, 2016, was a particularly

ENCRPTIONSolution to Encrypted Messages Being Hacked Before Sending or After Receipt Published 23 July 2022 Message applications must do more to keep user data safe from undetected malware or over-the-shoulder eavesdropping that bypasses encryption before a message has been sent. Researchers have created a new end-to-end encryption mechanism that protects users’ communications at a far

EXTREMISMNew Tool Helps Distinguish Different Psychological Traits of Violent Extremists Published 23 July 2022 Researchers have developed and validated a new tool known as the Extremist Archetypes Scale to help distinguish different psychological traits found among people engaged in violent extremism. Dimensions of extremist archetypes include “adventurer”, “drifter” and “misfit”, among others. Researchers have developed and