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OUR PICKSSecurity Experts & the “Vulnerability of the Decade” | Covid Is Here for Good | How China Manipulates Facebook and Twitter, and more Published 24 December 2021 ·  Computer Security Experts Scramble to Fix “Vulnerability of the Decade” ·  Buying Influence: How China Manipulates Facebook and Twitter ·  Prominent Harvard Professor Found Guilty of Lying About

NUCLEAR POWERBelgium to Shut Down All Existing Nuclear Power Plants Published 23 December 2021 The Belgian government has said all of the country’s existing nuclear energy plants will close by 2025. However, Belgium will invest in future nuclear technology. Belgium’s government on Thursday said it would shut all of the country’s nuclear power plants over the next three years.

ELECTION SECURITYCISA Hosts Cybersecurity Navigators Forum for Election Officials Published 22 December 2021 CISA recently concluded a forum for state and local election officials to discuss cyber navigator programs. Cyber navigators are state liaisons that can help under-resourced local jurisdictions manage their cyber risks, help sort through the onslaught of risk information, advice, and available

IT SECURITYComputer Attacks with Laser Light Published 22 December 2021 Computer systems that are physically isolated from the outside world (air-gapped) can still be attacked. This is demonstrated by IT security experts in the LaserShark project. The researchers demonstrate hidden communication into air-gapped computer systems: Data transmitted to light-emitting diodes of regular office devices. Computer systems