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IT SECURITYComputer Attacks with Laser Light Published 22 December 2021 Computer systems that are physically isolated from the outside world (air-gapped) can still be attacked. This is demonstrated by IT security experts in the LaserShark project. The researchers demonstrate hidden communication into air-gapped computer systems: Data transmitted to light-emitting diodes of regular office devices. Computer systems

OUR PICKSOmicron Is the Beginning of the End | Anthrax Attack Fantasies | Big Border Wall Is Now a Pile of Rusting Steel, and more Published 22 December 2021 ·  Omicron Is the Beginning of the End ·  Trump’s Big Border Wall Is Now a Pile of Rusting Steel ·  Anti-Vaxxer Crowds Are Now Attacking Cheesecake Factories,

CYBERCRIMEExtradited Kremlin-Linked Russian Businessman Charged with Cybercrimes, along with Four Other Russian Suspects Published 20 December 2021 Russian businessman Vladislav Klyushin was extradited from Switzerland to the United States last week over his involvement in a global scheme to trade on hacked confidential information. One of Klyushin’s codefendants, Ivan Ermakov, a former officer in Russia’s

HAZMATGetting Quickly to the Scene of a HAZMAT Incident Published 17 December 2021 During a HAZMAT response, the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Strike Force (NSF), comprised of five specialized units of first responders, are ready to rapidly deploy to the scene. Getting quickly to the scene of a HAZMAT incident is critical—whether it’s an oil