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ResilienceEngineers and Economists Prize Efficiency, but Nature Favors Resilience – Lessons from Texas, COVID-19 and the 737 Max By Moshe Y. Vardi Published 18 May 2021 The damage from Winter Storm Uri, the economic devastation from the COVID-19 pandemic and the fatal Boeing 737 Max accidents show the price society pays for a relentless pursuit

China watchFamily De-Planning: The Coercive Campaign to Drive Down Indigenous Birth-Rates in Xinjiang By Nathan Ruser and James Leibold Published 18 May 2021 Beginning in April 2017, Chinese Communist Party authorities in Xinjiang launched a series of “strike-hard” campaigns against “illegal births” with the explicit aim to “reduce and stabilize a moderate birth level” and

InformantsInformant Motivation Published 17 May 2021 The effective recruitment and deployment of informants is critical to law enforcement and intelligence agencies being able to identify and manage threats. Accurately identifying a source’s motivation for providing information enables an informant handler to better influence the informant’s behavior. A new framework has been devised to help informant