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ImmigrationUndocumented Immigrants Far Less Likely to Commit Crimes in U.S. Than Citizens By Chris Barncard Published 27 January 2021 Crime rates among undocumented immigrants are just a fraction of those of their U.S.-born neighbors, according to a first-of-its-kind analysis of Texas arrest and conviction records. Compared to undocumented immigrants, U.S. citizens were twice as likely

ImmigrationStudy: Rethink Immigration Policy for STEM Doctorates By James Dean Published 27 January 2021 A streamlined process for awarding green cards to international STEM doctoral students graduating from U.S. universities could benefit American innovation and competitiveness, including leveling the field for startups eager to attract such highly skilled workers, according to a new study. A streamlined

CybersecurityAdvancing Applied Research in Cybersecurity Published 27 January 2021 The Forge Institute, along with the University of Arkansas Fayetteville (UA-Fayetteville) and University of Arkansas Little Rock (UA-Little Rock), jointly announced a partnership to advance applied research in areas that support our national defense, including cybersecurity. The Forge Institute, along with the University of Arkansas Fayetteville (UA-Fayetteville)

Coastal challengesWhy Projects to Adapt to Climate Change Backfire Published 27 January 2021 Many internationally funded projects aimed at combating the impacts of climate change can make things worse – by reinforcing, redistributing, or creating new sources of vulnerability in developing countries, according to a new study. Despite good intentions and benefits to some groups, the

Our picksSinking Airports | Bracing for Long Domestic Terror Fight | Cyber Security in Healthcare Industry, and more Published 27 January 2021 ·  Canada Parliament Labels U.S. Far-Right Proud Boys Group “A Terrorist Entity” ·  Germany’s Far-Right AfD Braces for Surveillance ·  Tech Digs in for Long Domestic Terror Fight ·  After Capitol Riot, Police Chiefs Work to

ARGUMENT: Insurrection investigationNine Questions for the Capitol Insurrection Commission Published 25 January 2021 In the days since the Jan. 6 insurrection, calls have proliferated for a national commission to report on the riot and its attendant events. “The calls are understandable and worthy—though some hard thinking is needed before launching any investigation,” Daniel Byman and

StrategyU.S. Grand Strategy of Restraint: Advocates Need to Provide More Details Published 25 January 2021 As the Biden Administration takes over, some U.S. policymakers have expressed interest in a new approach to America’s role in the world: a realist grand strategy of restraint under which the United States would cooperate more with other powers, reduce