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ARGUMENT: Cyberspace operations Cyberspace Is Neither Just an Intelligence Contest, nor a Domain of Military Conflict; SolarWinds Shows Us Why It’s Both Published 14 May 2021 Operations in cyberspace—at least those perpetrated by nation-state actors and their proxies—reflect the geopolitical calculations of the actors who carry them out. Erica D. Borghard writes that cyberspace is

Supply chain securitySupply Chains and National Security—the Lessons of the COVID-19 Pandemic By Bradley Martin Published 14 May 2021 National power relies on globally efficient and intertwined supply chains. These highly interconnected supply chains are a fact of life, bringing benefit and vulnerability. Supply chain vulnerability stretches across whole sectors of the U.S. economy and

PandemicsExpert Panel: Current Global Alert System “Clearly Unfit” to Prevent Another Pandemic Published 13 May 2021 An independent report by experts offers a scathing assessment of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The current system—at both national and international levels— was not adequate to protect people from COVID-19,” the report says. The current pandemic