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BOOKSHELF: Measuring Russia’s StrengthStoner’s Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Russia’s New Strength By Paul Saunders Published 5 May 2021 Understanding Russia’s power and the Russian leadership’s goals is a necessary task in formulating effective policy. Moreover, as Russia has become considerably more powerful over the last two decades, the stakes in accurately discerning the Kremlin’s

The Russia connectionRussian Mercenaries in Great-Power Competition: Strategic Supermen or Weak Link? By Molly Dunigan and Ben Connable Published 5 May 2021 Russia’s worst-kept secret is its increasingly heavy reliance on private security contractors—really, mercenaries—to maintain a Russia-favorable global status quo and to undermine its competitors’ interests. This reliance on mercenaries stems from a known

RefugeesBiden to Quadruple Refugee Cap By Steve Herman Published 4 May 2021 U.S. President Joe Biden, who initially decided to keep intact his predecessor’s historically low number of annual refugee admissions, Monday announced he is quadrupling this year’s total. Two weeks ago, the White House announced that the cap for the current fiscal year would

Truth decayNew AI tool Tracks Evolution of COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories on Social Media Published 4 May 2021 A new machine-learning program accurately identifies COVID-19-related conspiracy theories on social media and models how they evolved over time—a tool that could someday help public health officials combat misinformation online. A new machine-learning program accurately identifies COVID-19-related conspiracy theories

CybersecurityZero-Knowledge Proofs in Vulnerability Disclosure Published 4 May 2021 Today, the disclosure process for software vulnerabilities is fraught with challenges. Cybersecurity researchers and software security analysts are faced with an ethics versus efficacy dilemma when it comes to reporting or sharing discovered bugs. Revealing a vulnerability publicly may get the attention of the program’s developers

EarthquakesEntire U.S. West Coast Now Has Access to ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning Published 4 May 2021 After fifteen years of planning and development, the ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system is now available to more than fifty million people in California, Oregon and Washington, the most earthquake-prone region in the conterminous U.S. Tuesday’s debut of ShakeAlert-powered public alerting to