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PolicingWhen Police Forces Grow, Homicides Drop and Low-Level Arrests Increase Published 26 November 2021 Research by criminologists found that an additional 10 to 17 officers prevented one homicide annually, but each extra officer added up to 22 arrests for crimes like drug possession. What happens when a city increases the size of its police force? According to

Family SeparationFamily Separation’s Psychological Trauma in Parents, Children Persists After Reunification: Medical Study Published 26 November 2021 New analysis finds long-lasting psychological harm sustained by survivors of the “zero tolerance” policy. The study finds that forcibly separating parents and children, especially when compounded with pre-migration traumas, produced signs and symptoms of trauma that met the

VaccinesRussian Anti-Vaccine Disinformation Campaign Backfires By Jamie Dettmer Published 18 November 2021 For more than a year, Russian-aligned troll factories overseeing thousands of social media accounts have been spreading anti-vaccine messages in an aggressive campaign to spread conspiracy theories and cast doubt on Western coronavirus vaccines. But the year-long offensive appears to have backfired. Russian