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5/27/2020 News & Commentary – National Security

1. Trump Wants Troops in Afghanistan Home by Election Day. The Pentagon Is Drawing Up Plans. 2. How the Taliban Outlasted a Superpower: Tenacity and Carnage 3. How the Pandemic Is Helping The Military Prep For World War III 4. Pentagon Reservation Plan for Resilience and ‘Aligning With National Guidelines for Opening Up America Again’ 5. FDD | The Fallout

20200526 News & Commentary – National Security

1. Mapping the China Debate 2. Israel rejects Chinese bid to build Sorek 2 amid pressure from the US 3. Josh Hawley Wants to Lead the New Cold War  4. They didn’t die in combat, but they lived heroic lives. Remembering the military heroes who died by suicide 5. Iran’s Propaganda Game Inside Iraq 6. How to Avoid a China-Led World

5/26/2020 News & Commentary – Korea

1. U.S. Warns of ‘Calibrated’ Response to N.Korea’s Nuke Activities 2. N. Korea should give up nuclear program, says Trump’s advisor 3. New heavily-armed submarine enters service in North Korea 4. North’s Kim heaps pressure on Trump to relax sanctions 5.  UNC says it cannot determine whether N.K. started border gunfire accidentally 6.  U.S. could build trust with North Korea by

20200525 News & Commentary – National Security

1. Looking at War Across 2,500 Years 2. Trump’s ‘New Cold War’ aims to hold China at bay 3.  The G7 must stand up for Hong Kong’s freedom 4. China’s domestic politics hamstring its diplomacy 5.  The End of the New World Order 6.  Building the Post-Pandemic World 7. New security law is a masterstroke (China – Hong Kong) 8. Secret military

5/25/2020 News & Commentary – Korea

1. Kim Jong-un Moves to Increase North Korea’s Nuclear Strength 2. Kim Jong-un Promotes Nuclear Officials 3. New submarine or SLBMs likely next options for N.K. to claim enhanced nuke deterrence: experts 4. Kim Jong Un lectures on importance of enhancing nuclear capabilities 5.  U.S. official renews calls for N.K. to abandon nukes after its party meeting on nuke deterrence

5/24/2020 News & Commentary – National Security

1. China tells U.S. to stop taking them ‘to the brink of a new Cold War’ 2. Iran struck first. ‘Israel’ retaliated massively. Behind the cyber war rattling the Middle East 3.  Islamic State is back and this time the west is ill-prepared to take it on | Hassan Hassan 4.  Protecting the future of the special operations forces

5/24/2020 News & Commentary – Korea

1. N.K. leader presides over key party meeting to discuss increasing nuclear war deterrence 2. Kim Jong Un wants to increase North Korea’s ‘nuclear war deterrence,’ state media reports 3. Kim Jong Un makes appearance in public for first time since May 1, state media says 4. Why the Iran-North Korea Missile Alliance Is Pure Trouble 5.  DPRK’s ruling party

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We continue to mourn and adjust to our unexpected and untimely loss of Dave Dilegge, the principal engine behind Small Wars Journal, but we have a vision and are developing the implementing details of the plan and team to move Small Wars Journal forward. This post is to affirm the why and preview the what of

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