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Air Force’s experimental football field-sized satellite ends operations

WASHINGTON — With booms spreading out almost the length of a football field, the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Demonstration and Science Experiments (DSX) spacecraft is the largest self-supporting satellite ever placed on orbit. Last month, nearly two years after it launched and a year after its mission was expected to end, AFRL officially decommissioned the

China, prisons, authoritarianism | Homeland Security Newswire

China watchNew Report Offers Chilling Details of China’s hidden Prisons Published 23 June 2021 A new illustrated report offers a disturbing look into China’s Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location (RSDL). The report depicts RSDL with artwork, satellite images, and architectural sketches to bring the reality of this secret prison system to light. A new illustrated

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PERSPECTIVE: The (Continuing?) Rise of ChinaCan China Keep Rising? Published 23 June 2021 “The East is rising,” Chinese leaders took to declaring around the time U.S. President Joe Biden entered office, “and the West is declining.” Daniel Kurtz-Phelan, the executive editor of Foreign Affairs, writes that while the second part of that declaration may draw

Coastal challenge, sea-level rise, climate change, infrastructure protection, managed retreat

Managed coastal retreatRole of Managed Retreat as a Climate Change Response Published 23 June 2021 Managed retreat—the climate adaptation response of moving people and property out of harm’s way— is becomig more appealing as one of several responses to sea-level rise. Researchers explore what it would take for managed retreat to be supportive of people

Coastal challenge, sea-level rise, climate change, infrastructure protection, managed retreat

Managed coastal retreat“Managed Retreat” Can Reinvent Cities While Protecting Lives When Climate Change Floods, Burns or Bakes the Land By A. R. Siders Published 23 June 2021 Record-breaking heat waves; megadroughts, drying fresh-water sources; hotter and more frequent wildfires; intensifying hurricanes — this is what climate change looks like, and communities need to be prepared.

06/23/2021 News & Commentary – National Security

News & commentary by Dave Maxwell. Edited and published by Daniel Riggs 1.  Saudi Operatives Who Killed Khashoggi Received Paramilitary Training in U.S. 2.  FDD | Fixing Shortcomings in the Senate’s Endless Frontier Legislation 3. A Credible Deterrent to Chinese Cyber Attacks 4. China Has Stopped Biding Its Time 5. Biden blew a chance for a win in his meeting with

06/23/2021 News & Commentary – Korea

News & commentary by Dave Maxwell. Edited and published by Daniel Riggs 1. FDD | North Korea Likely Behind Hack Targeting South Korean Nuclear Submarine 2.  Regime Collapse in North Korea Would Be Catastrophic 3. South needs to allow information to cross the border: U.S. analyst 4. Why Does Moon Keep Sucking up to N.Korea? 5. North Korea Gives the U.S.

Biden’s Pentagon chiefs tell lawmakers flat budget is enough

WASHINGTON ― Top defense officials have completed multiple trips to Capitol Hill to defend President Joe Biden’s flat defense budget request, and now the task of tailoring that request falls to Congress. The Biden administration sent Congress a fiscal 2022 budget request that seeks $715 billion for defense, which some progressives say is too much

Guardsmen train for real-world cyber disruptions

CAMP EDWARDS, Mass. — At a recent exercise, National Guard cyber units practiced how to get ready for a scenario that feels increasingly possible in the climate of raging ransomware and hacks: Cyberattacks took down utilities on the West Coast and migrated across the country toward New England critical infrastructure. The East Coast states and

Russia says warning shots deter UK warship; London denies it

MOSCOW — The Russian military said one of its warships in the Black Sea fired warning shots and a warplane dropped bombs Wednesday to force a British destroyer away from an area near Crimea that Moscow claims as its territorial waters, but Britain denied that account and insisted its ship wasn’t fired upon. It was

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