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Election securityKathleen Hall Jamieson on the 2020 Election Published 21 October 2020 Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson discusses what we learned from the election four years ago plus how journalists can responsibly share hacked content and what role the public at large can play. She says that in some ways, the country is better prepared today

Russia, disinformation, fake news, coronavirus

The Russia connectionRussia Launches Disinformation Campaign to Undermine Public Confidence in Oxford University’s COVID Vaccine Published 21 October 2020 The U.K. government said it condemned as “utterly deplorable” a Russia disinformation campaign to undermine public confidence in a coronavirus vaccine currently under development by Oxford University scientists. The Times reported on Friday that Russian government

Russia, hacking, Olympic Games | Homeland Security Newswire

The Russia connectionDetails of Russia’s Cyberattacks against Olympic, Paralympic Games Revealed Published 21 October 2020 The U.K. On Monday (19 October) exposed malicious cyberactivity from Russia’s GRU military intelligence service against organizations involved in the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games before they were postponed. The U.K. National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) said that the incident

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Guns68 Percent of Firearm Deaths Are from Self-Harm, Majority in Older Men in Rural Regions Published 21 October 2020 A new study of gun injuries and deaths in Ontario found that 68 percent of firearm-related deaths were from self-harm, and they most often occurred in older men living in rural regions, pointing to the need

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PreparednessDisaster Preparedness in the Palm of Your Hand Published 21 October 2020 Natural disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes can devastate communities and bring uncertainty in their aftermath when it comes to safely accessing buildings or homes. When an EF-3 tornado struck Jefferson City, Missouri, in May 2019, it killed three people and left over 600

Revision of the Commandant’s Professional Reading Program

https://www.marines.mil/News/Messages/Messages-Display/Article/2386702/revision-of-the-commandants-professional-reading-program 1. To ensure the Commandant’s Professional Reading Program (CPRP) remains relevant, current, and promotes professional discussions amongst all Marines. The Commandant’s Professional Reading List (CPRL) has removed the rank distinction and consolidated the list of publications into five categories. 2. The CPRL is arranged into five categories: Commandant’s Choice, Profession of Arms, Innovation, Leadership,

Student visas, foreign students, competitiveness

CompetitivenessProposed Student Visa Policy Could Hinder U.S. Competitiveness By David L. Di Maria Published 20 October 2020 In an effort to crack down on international students and scholars who overstay their visas, the administration is seeking to implement a new set of rules that would make it more difficult for them to remain in the

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FloodsOne in Six Historic Resources in Colorado Is in a Floodplain Published 20 October 2020 Colorado has lost several of its important historic landmarks to disasters. The 2013 floods, for instance, destroyed a WPA-era shelter in Lyons and severely damaged the town’s historic library. A new study reaches a sobering conclusion, that one in six

The US and UK navies prepare to sign agreement to merge their tech futures

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Navy and British Royal Navy are preparing to more closely align their futures in a whole host of warfare areas, the U.S. chief of naval operations announced Tuesday. CNO and First Sea Lord Adm. Tony Radakin intend to “sign a future integrated warfighting statement of intent that sets a cooperative vision

Active Duty and Retired Uniformed Service Members: The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program Can Offer Peace of Mind to You and Your Family

The prospect of needing long term care may be far from your mind today, but circumstances can change. A long term care event can happen at any age, and the potential financial and emotional strain that comes with it can have an impact on you and your loved ones. Unfortunately, traditional health insurance plans—including TRICARE

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