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Human Capital and Asset Protection Services

Rob Ord ~ President / CEO

At Falken, we are a fully licensed, registered, and insured professional service, equipment, manufacturing and retail supply firm. Founded and staffed by former law enforcement officers and retired military personnel, we have grown to become a trusted and secure global provider. All management staff and the majority of our personnel have been subjected to a comprehensive background investigation. Our senior corporate officers and advisory council are all former U.S. Government personnel or Military veterans with significant experience in Security, Law Enforcement, Military Special Operations, Counter-terrorism and Intelligence Operations.

Falken Industries LLC has the highest customer satisfaction rate of any private security agency in the Washington DC metro area, the lowest employee turn over rate, and over 98% of our customers renew their service contracts with Falken.

Our Sister Company

Falken USVI is an autonomous United States Virgin Islands based company which is supported logistically, administratively and with training modules by Falken Industries LLC. Falken USVI LLC is a USVI company employing 100% local VI residents and the monies earned stay in the USVI to support the economy. Falken USVI has established itself as a premier Human Capital and Asset Protection company teaming with Power House security firms such as Constellis and providing local employees to work on Federal Awards. Falken USVI has also proven itself with our operating Ethics, Character and PRO Employee management to qualify for hard to obtain FEMA support awards.  Falken USVI was instrumental in raising the basic security officer wages, because we recognize the worth of our employee’s.

VI Strong!

What we do?

Falken Industries is a leading provider of Security and Mission Support services with a global reach. Falken Industries provides highly rated security services to corporations and governments providing them with security and mission support solutions.

What is our process?

Falken Industry representatives meet with perspective clients globally to determine their exact needs to facilitate security or mission support services. Falken representatives are known for their detail when it comes to our services.

Why Choose Us?

Falken Industries LLC in an industry leader since 2003 with a global reach to facilitate the clients needs. Falken Industries establishes reliable networks in the areas of operations to facilitate smooth operations and reliable real time intelligence.

Rob Ord President/CEO

Falken Industries LLC 15 year Anniversary

Falken is VI Strong!

Falken Industries LLC

Falken Industries LLC

Security is always excessive until it’s not enough.

Robbie Sinclair

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